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Preview: Louis Pasteur and the Devastating Germs (KS3)

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Episodes in this programme

Chapter 1

The eminent surgeon Joseph Lister arrives at the Royal Society and talks (in English) about the work of Louis Pasteur. Activities cover background information on Lister and Pasteur and Pasteur’s contribution to the modern world.

Chapter 2

Pasteur comes to the Royal Society and writes a letter home to his wife Marie (in French). Activities cover background on Pasteur’s early life and his family tree.

Chapter 3

Pasteur explains to Lister how he disproved the Theory of Spontaneous Generation (French and English). Activities explore Pasteur’s famous five flask experiment.

Chapter 4

Pasteur and Lister perform two experiments to show what microbes need to grow (French and English). Activities explore how to set up a fair test and which factors enable microbes to reproduce.

Chapter 5

A younger Louis Pasteur meets with brewer M. Bigot and solves his problem of why the beer is going off (French). Drama activities for students to find out how Pasteur solved problems of silkworms dying, death after surgery in hospitals, rabies and anthrax in sheep.

Everything you ever wanted to know about pasteurisation, germ theory and vaccination - but were afraid to ask! Combining science, French and drama, this programme examines key moments in Pasteur's life as one of France's greatest scientists. Suitable for Years 8 and 9 (KS3). This project has been generously supported by the Wellcome Trust.