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Preview: Le Tour de France (KS2)

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Episodes in this programme

Episode One - Sans Frontières Detective Agency

Sans Frontières detectives Jack, Kent and Sarah learn of the theft of the Tour de France jerseys. They make preparations to go to France and catch the infamous Fantôme Cycliste. French language and culture: descriptions and background to the Tour de France. Game: colours and clothing

Episode Two - Bienvenue en France

The intrepid detectives arrive in France. Sarah and Kent go off in search of bikes and cycling gear. Jack goes to a café where the Fantôme Cycliste tries to thwart his mission. French language and culture: buying cakes in a patisserie and ordering food and drink in a café. Game: food

Episode Three - En Route!

The detectives get their “bikes” and set off after the Tour de France. The Fantôme Cycliste tries to foil their plan at every opportunity. They come across a château on the River Loire. French language and culture: road signs and the route of the Tour de France. Game: directions and shapes

Episode Four - Au Château

A strange lady shows the detectives round the château. The Fantôme Cycliste disturbs their night’s sleep. They chase after him to try and get the yellow jersey. French language: rooms in a house.

Episode Five - À la Plage

The detectives follow the Tour de France to La Rochelle. They discover the Fantôme Cycliste sunbathing at the beach. Can they get the green jersey before he wakes? French language and culture: asking the way, buying ice creams, the Charente region and La Rochelle. Game: ice cream flavours

Episode Six - À la Campagne

The Fantôme Cycliste tries to send the detectives off in the wrong direction. Lost in the countryside, they end up at a school. The children point them in the direction of the woods and the Tour de France. The Fantôme Cycliste is watching them and manages to separate one of the SF team. French language and culture: animals and school life. Game: animals

Episode Seven - Aux Montagnes de Chamonix

Jack and Sarah head for Chamonix to rescue Kent. They meet a skier who helps them on their way. Finally the detectives set off for Paris. Can they deliver the jerseys in time? French language and culture: transport and sights in Paris.

Champions du Monde pop video

Champions du Monde the pop song was composed by Ken Patterson (Kent in Le Tour de France) with a Y5 class of children from Hadrian Park Primary School in North Tyneside for a 'BIKEIT!' schools' week and finale concert at Whitley Bay Playhouse. The project was funded by the North Tyneside Learning Trust.

Le Fantôme Cycliste has stolen the yellow, the green and the red and white jerseys from the world famous Tour de France cycle race. Never fear, Sans Frontières are here! Sarah, Kent and Jack, our dynamic detectives, set out to recover the jerseys. Can they track down the dastardly villain in time to save Le Tour de France? Following the race through France, they learn some key French phrases, meet lots of people and finish on the famous Champs-Elysées in Paris.